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Vendor Rules, Resources and Fees

Please read this page and the pdf documents below. By completing the application, you have accepted the Rules and Regulations of the Market, and agree to file the necessary Vendor permit requirements.

Home Processing
  • For additional information on selling home processed goods, please read the NYS Ag and Market Home Processing page. This is a registration form and does not require inspection or licensing.

  • If you are producing a product that requires a Home Processing Registration, you must fill this form out and print and submit.​

  • The products which require home processing permit include:

    • Breads (No Fruit/Vegetable breads i.e. Banana Bread, Zucchini Bread, Etc.),

    • Rolls, 

    • Cookies 

    • Cakes, Cupcakes, Brownies,

    • Fudge,

    • Double-crust fruit pies,

    • Traditional jams, jellies, and marmalades made with high acid/low pH fruits,

    • Repacking/blending of commercially dried spices or herbs,

    • Popcorn/Caramel corn,

    • Peanut brittle,

    • Granola (using commercially processed nuts),

    • Candy (excluding chocolate)

  • Ingredient list requirements for ALL food products

  • FDA Labeling requirements website

  • Labels - to design and print your own or purchase printed labels, you can sign up to MyAvery

All other products

If you are selling any other products, please review the Vendor Permits document to identify permits or licenses needed for your business. If you have questions on a specific product that you do not see listed, please contact the appropriate number at the bottom of the Vendor Permit file.


If you are interested in starting a commercial food processing business, this pdf file gives you all of the information you need on the process and links to more information. 

If a NYS sales tax certificate is required, you may file online.

Vendor Fees

For Knights of Columbus Sunday Market, table fees are $15. That fee is due at event, notice given a week in advance - space is limited.